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Clean Carpets Aren't A Lost Cause - Why You Should Keep On Top Of Professional Cleanings

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If you have kids and pets, you might be utterly discouraged with the state of your carpets. This doesn't mean that you should throw in the towel and give up on carpet maintenance. Here are four reasons you should still have your carpets professionally cleaned even with a rough and tumble family.   

1. Professional Carpet Cleaning is Good For Your Family's Health

If shoes don't come off right away, a lot of the outside might make it inside, becoming embedded into your carpet. This can lead to mold, mildew and a host of other things that you don't need getting in your home. Professional steam cleaning will kill any mold spores or bacteria that might be hiding in your carpets, keeping your family safe.

2. Professional Cleaning Can Be a Fresh Start to New Rules

If you have a big clean done in your home, this can be the perfect time to instill some new rules for your family. Sometimes it can be hard to make your family follow rules such as, 'shoes off in the house,' or 'come in through the kitchen,' if your carpets are already a disaster. Get tougher on the rules when you have a clean slate.

3. Regular Cleanings Will Keep Carpets from Staining

Dirt and grime can turn into irremovable stains over time. Even if your house is a mess, this doesn't mean it needs to be dirty. Areas around couches and area rugs will eventually become discolored from day-to-day use. High trafficked areas will show wear and tear quickly and pull in more dirt. Professional cleaning will pull out all set-in dirt so that your carpet will not fall victim to discoloration over time.

4. Getting Ready for Carpet Cleanings Will Signal General Upkeep

When carpet cleaners are coming, you will have to get out the vacuum and clean up the dust bunnies. Carpet cleaning involves moving everything out the way so you can get organized at the same time. If you have a hard time staying on-track with big cleans here and there, a great way to get you motivated to do this before getting your carpets done.

Don't give up on your carpets just because your family makes a mess. If you can stay on top of grime and stains, your carpets will last longer and your home will be a healthier environment for your family. Professional cleaners (such as those from Enviro-Steem) have seen it all, and can battle your carpets even if it has been awhile.