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Carpets And Pets - Preventative Measures

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If you have pets, you might be challenged daily with keeping your home clean and pets from making a mess. One place that might seem to bear the brunt of this is your carpets. If you can instill some good habits and preventative techniques today, your carpets will stand a better chance of staying clean in the long run. Here are four things that you can do to help keep your carpets safe from pet stains, messes, and odors.

1. Zone Entry Areas for Pets

If you can train your pets to access the home from a designated entrance, you can hopefully catch them for clean up. This will at least add a few more steps between the outdoors and your carpeting. Having pets come in through a tiled entryway or washroom can help dirt, dust, and grime come off of your pet before they move to carpeted areas of the home. If you don't have an entryway with an uncarpeted surface, it might be worth your while to install this.

2. Put Down Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Hallway runners and area rugs can save the day when it comes to carpeting, especially in heavily trafficked areas of your home. There are stylish accent rugs that are affordable that can catch most of the pet mess and accidents in your home. Opt for versions that are washable, so that you can easily clean these and keep your carpets protected from pets and looking new.

3. Clean Up Stains Right Away

Stopping what you are doing and cleaning up accidents caused by your pets will keep your carpets stain free and will help with odors. It might feel like an uphill battle to get your cat to go in the litter box or your dog to alert you when they need to go outside, but it is up to you to put in the effort for this. Put in the time to cater to your pet's needs and try new routines if they are constantly having accidents on your carpeting.

4. Different Rules Throughout the Year

If you live in an area where mud is a constant problem in the colder months, your pets should have limited access to certain areas of the home. If you have beautiful off-white carpeting in your dining area or sitting room, you might want to keep this off limits to pets during storms. This will keep dogs and cats from making a mess at high risk times.

Whether your carpet is brand new or has just been professionally cleaned, don't put all of that hard work to waste by letting your pets get carpets dirty. A few planned out efforts can make all of the difference when it comes to keeping your carpets looking new. Your pets shouldn't be in charge the house. Have a few simple rules in place to help extend the life of your carpeting. However, if you need professional assistance, contact a company such as Kelly Carpet Cleaning Ltd.