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What To Expect When You Hire A Professional Commercial Floor Stripping Team

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There is much more to removing layers of wax and dirt on commercial floor than slapping chemicals on the floor and mopping it up. Professional floor strippers are highly trained and follow strict procedures to ensure the best results. It's easy to know that you are dealing with pros just by watching them before and during their work.

Before the job begins, a professional floor stripping team:

  • Knows the different floor types. An experienced floor stripping team is knowledgeable about the chemicals and tools needed for each different type of flooring. They know that using the wrong equipment and solutions may not only be insufficient but may cause permanent damage.
  • Has all the necessary tools when they arrive. There are no delays caused by having to stop and obtain different tools. Pro floor strippers come with what they need to do the job quickly and efficiently.
  • Uses clean equipment.  Mops, buckets and other equipment are always clean and in good repair. There will not be delays from poorly maintained equipment or anyone else's dirt spread onto your floors.
  • Wears proper safety clothing. Your pro cleaners will have non-slip shoes or safety slippers, goggles, gloves and whatever else is required by law. They will have extras on hand in case of emergencies or lost items.

During the job, the team will:

  • Post safety cones or caution tape around the area. This is especially important if the job is being done during operating hours. The team will know that people get distracted, and will do what is necessary to protect your employees and customers.
  • Section off and work in small areas. To ensure the best results, a professional floor stripping team knows that it's best to complete one section at a time.
  • Use the chemicals properly. Stripping chemicals need to be diluted properly with the water at the correct temperature. It must have a sufficient dwell time to cut through the layers of buildup. They will use a defoamer when removing the slurry not only to prevent foam flying everywhere, but to protect their vacuums.
  • Wax and buff the cleaned floor with a heavy-duty industrial wax.  A team that knows their stuff will leave a smooth and radiantly shiny floor with no dips or dimples.

After the stripping and rewaxing is finished, a professional floor team will leave the area as clean and neat as if they had never been there. The only thing the pros leave behind is a beautiful, shiny floor and a satisfied customer. If you require janitorial services of any kind for your business, contact Clean Pro Building Maintenance Ltd.