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Common Mistakes Made That Damage Carpeting

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Carpeting your home is a huge investment. So, are you damaging that investment when you clean it? Below, you will find a few mistakes that you can avoid while keeping your carpet clean.

Mistakes with a Vacuum

How often do you vacuum? Commonly, carpets are not vacuumed enough to protect them from becoming damaged. Over time, the dirt and dust on the top of the carpet is pushed deep into the carpet fibers. If the vacuum is not run often enough, that dirt and dust could begin to break down the carpet fibers and cause the carpet to look worn and dirty. Vacuum high traffic areas no less than twice a week and general areas no less than once a week.

Vacuuming techniques are another cause of damage. You need to vacuum your carpet in different directions using short, slow strokes. You should cover each inch of the carpeting at least twice during each vacuuming. Even the best vacuum will miss a majority of the deep down dirt if you use long strokes and only hit each area once.

If your vacuum has an adjustable-height brush, do you have it set too low? The brush on your vacuum can be very damaging to your carpeting if it is too low. The brush should skim the surface of the carpeting. You need the suction of the vacuum to clean the dirt out of the carpeting, not the brush.

Spot- and Full-Carpet Cleaning

Limit the amount of cleaning solutions that you use on your carpeting. Many people make the mistake of saturating the carpeting with cleaning solution while attempting to remove a spot. Instead of using liquid cleaning solution, use foam cleaning products. The foam will sit on top of the carpeting and only expose the deep fibers with enough cleaning agents to remove the spot successfully.

Tip: White vinegar mixed with water is a solution that is safe for your carpeting and very effective in removing stains. This alternative is the only liquid cleaning solution you will need for many of the spots that can appear on your carpeting.

Do you use a carpet scrubbing machine to clean your carpets? If so, you could be causing more damage than cleaning. Most home carpet scrubbing machines don't have the suction to remove all of the water and cleaning solutions that they are putting into the carpeting. This causes the deep fibers to become saturated and cause a thick layer of residue that will discolor the carpeting and cause the growth of mildew and mold.

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