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4 Steps To Remove A Juice Stain From Carpeting

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If you have carpeting in your home, you dread having your child spill their juice all over the carpet. Your carpet is not ruined forever as long as you clean the juice quickly. Follow these four steps immediately after a spill occurs to save your carpeting.


Grab some paper tower or a rag, and use it to blot up the juice from your carpeting. Do not make the mistake of immediately scrubbing, as it will cause juice stains to get deeper into your carpet fibers. Blotting your carpeting is crucial to removing a stain, as the goal is to remove a large amount of the juice before it soaks into the carpet fibers and is difficult to remove.


Apply warm water directly to the stain by using a spray bottle. The warm water is what helps lift juice out of your carpet fibers, and the padding underneath the carpet as well. Always be careful to not soak your carpeting. Over-saturating the carpeting with water will only make the juice spread to clean parts of your carpeting.

Keep spraying down the juice stain, and blot the liquid to remove both the juice and water. You should continue blotting until the carpeting feels dry when you touch it.


Once you remove the color left behind from the spilled juice, you will need to deal with the odor and residue. You can do so with a simple mixture that consists of 1 part vinegar and 4 parts warm water. Spray it directly onto a cloth, and lay it down on the stain. You can apply pressure on the cloth by starting on the outside and working your way inward. This technique prevents strains from spreading outward.

Then use a clean paper towel for soaking up the cleaning mixture and remaining juice in your carpeting. Keep repeating this process if you still notice an odor or residue.


If you leave the carpeting wet, it can potentially grow mold inside your home. You can dry the area of your carpeting by placing a dry paper towel on top of the stain. Use a flat heavy object, like a book, to apply consistent pressure to the dry paper towel. Keep replacing the wet paper towel with a dry sheet when you notice that the towel is wet. Repeat the process until the paper towel is not absorbing water.

If you are not successful at removing the juice stain, you may need professional help. For more information, contact Pro-Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning or a similar company.