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Dry Cleaning Your Carpet

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One of the biggest drawbacks to cleaning your carpet with a traditional steam cleaner is the fact that you have to wait up to 24 hours to be able to use your floors again. That means that kids, pets, and guests all have to be corralled into hard-floored rooms or rooms with dirty carpets until the cleaned area is ready to be used again. But don't forget that, just like with clothing, you can have your carpet dry cleaned instead of using cleaning methods with excessive moisture that takes so long to dry. 

How It Works

Dry cleaning a carpet works much like dry cleaning clothing does. A carpet cleaning professional uses dry compounds in order to help lift stains and dirt away from carpet fabric. The process does actually use some water, but it's exponentially less than the amount of water used in the steam cleaning process. This means that your carpet becomes usable within minutes instead of hours, allowing you to get on with living in your home after the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned. 

Deep Set Stains

There will always be stains in some carpets that are difficult to get rid of. These could be stains from animals in the home, specific chemicals that might have spilled on the carpet, or richly colored liquids like wine or blood. Even a stain that could have been easily removed soon after it was made can be allowed to sit for extended periods of time. If a stain is allowed to set into the carpet fibers for weeks, months, or even years, if makes getting rid of that stain exponentially more difficult. 

In these circumstances, be prepared for the need to have a carpet or specific area of a carpet treated more than once. Be sure to let your carpet cleaning professional know as soon as possible how long a stain has been present so that they can concentrate on that area to help break down the stain as much as possible before the treatment of the entire carpet begins. Pre-treatment measures can help the carpet cleaning process be more effective so that the stained area of the carpet doesn't have to be cleaned as many times as it would have without the pre-treatment. 

Keeping your carpet in your home beautiful can be a daunting task. Between active children, messy pets, dirt, body fluids, food, and chemicals, your carpet is at risk of stains and dirt on a daily basis. But getting in touch with a carpet cleaning professional, like the ones at Final Touch Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc., can keep your carpet bright and clean for years to come.