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An Effective Method For Removing Pet Urine Stains From Your Carpet

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No pet is perfect. From time to time, your cat or dog is likely to have an accident on the carpet. If not cleaned properly, urine can not only leave a stain, but also an odor that lingers and encourages your pet to relieve itself in the same area again. So, when you remove a urine spot, it's important to use a method that addresses both the staining and the scent. Here is one such method.

Soak up as much urine as possible.

The treatments you'll use later in this process have to break down the urine. The less urine that is still present in the carpet when you apply them, the better they'll work. So, take a folded towel, and place it on top of the urine spot. Press down as hard as you can. Step on it if you have to. Hold the pressure on for 10 seconds or so, giving the urine time to absorb into the towel. Then, repeat this with a new towel (or different part of the towel) until no more urine is being soaked up. Do not rub the spot in an effort to soak up the urine – this will just cause the stain to spread.

Apply an enzymatic cleaner.

The unpleasant scent of urine is caused by specific compounds. If you're able to break down their structure, they won't have the same scent – so your room will smell fresh again and your pet won't be as tempted to urinate on that spot again. An enzymatic cleaner contains enzymes which break down the smelly components of urine. These cleaners are typically sold at pet stores and home supply stores. Spray the cleaner onto the stained area, and then let it sit for as long as is recommended on the label. Then, blot the cleaner up as well as you can, using new towels.

 Sprinkle on some baking soda.

The last issue to take care of is the moisture left in your carpet. If it's not dried up quickly, you might end up with a musty or mildew smell. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the wet carpet. The baking soda will absorb moisture – and any lingering odors – out of the carpet. Let it sit for about a day, and then vacuum the baking soda up.

If there is any hint of a stain left after following these steps, you can apply another round of enzymatic cleaner --followed by another round of baking soda – for better results. Contact a cleaning company, like Pristine Cleaning Systems, for more help.